• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • Staff501-1000
  • Founded2012

Al Sham Foundation

Al Sham Foundation is a non-profit organization providing humanitarian projects and services of the Syrian society, able to spread and reach eligible, credible, efficient and effective partnership. Al Sham Foundation is the best in the world in providing humanitarian services to the quality of the Syrian society. Their goals are to: - alleviate the suffering of the Syrians and securing their needs - to help the Syrian society to recover and productivity - Contribute to the achievement of security and humanitarian community - Contribute to the development of philanthropy in Syria - To achieve the aspirations of the donors and facilitate the arrival of their support to the beneficiaries Values - Quality - Teamwork - Credibility - Initiative What they do: Health They offer their services in the health sector three levels, primary health care, secondary health care, health care and tertiary, as well as working to improve the status of the injured children especially, and patients in general . Their projects cover most of the affected areas in Syria with a focus on the besieged areas. Food Security and Livelihoods They seek to provide emergency and periodic to those in need of food aid, as checking the appropriate opportunities to create self-sources to secure food, in addition to maintaining the nutritional balance by encouraging the agriculture-based or animal husbandry development projects and the subsequent manufacturing projects sub, such as bread, meat and derivatives milk, which goes beyond its utility to the final beneficiary of the project. Development projects Their teams are working on the study, development and implementation of development projects in order to provide job opportunities for needy families and to contribute, and to rotate the economic development in the liberated areas through micro-enterprise programs and early recovery, and a gradual transition from relief to society and to the development of consumption and production. Shelter and non-food items With the increasing displacement and frequency of high frequency; doubled affected needs to search for an alternative shelter to preserve their lives and their children and give them a decent life, and it requires locking means sleeping dress and tools heating and other basic living non - food items in each shelter, providing such assistance for the displaced and affected non - displaced alike. Protection There is no doubt that the human crisis leaves its impact on the most vulnerable groups in a clearer and larger than the others, as a group of children, women or the elderly, so it was necessary to provide special support to these groups, and to support them in the face of these harsh conditions, and through securing their needs psychological as well as physical, and this is done through the sponsorship of orphans and families who lost their breadwinners projects, and strengthen the role of women in the work, and that by giving priority to projects that women participate in their implementation and care of products that bear fruit for those projects. Water and sanitation In cases of disasters and wars search for water sources and access to health the biggest among the needy carefree net becomes, and in the absence of clear programs for water withdrawals and the search for valid sources, may lead to the aggravation of suffering through the spread of diseases, both resulting from clean water shortages, or caused by contaminated water or even resulting from the accumulation of water due to poor drainage, and in this regard , they support water and sanitation projects through the drilling of wells and the provision of pumps and purification devices, and based on a field assessment thoughtful and depending on the need.
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