Alwasail is one of the leading manufacturers of polyethylene pipes & fittings mainly for irrigation, telecom, drinking water, firefighting networks and gas and oil transport systems. Also, the company produces rubber products and foam through its affiliate company Saudi Rubber Products (SRP). Alwasail started production in Saudi Arabia as “Alwasail Agricultural Company” in 1979 producing polyethylene pipes for irrigation. It changed its name to Alwasail Industrial Company in 1990 as it increased its production lines, then transformed into a closed Joined Stock company in 2012 by increasing its paid-up capital. Alwasail also has a much smaller affiliated company called Saudi Rubber Products (SRP) that complements its pipe and fitting manufacturing line; which specializes in rubber rings flat-foam and pipe-foam insulation. The company’s head office is in Buraydah, Qassim, with four manufacturing plants for Alwasail and one plant for Saudi Rubber. The company has more than 550 employees, 25 branches in the Kingdom and 4 branches in the Gulf States and Egypt. The branches are served via a central warehouse and a transport department managing its own truck fleet that makes direct deliveries to its branches and clients. Alwasail is well known for its quality products; it emphasizes manufacturing excellence and has been accredited with ISO 9001 standards and preapproved by major companies like Aramco, Sabic, Maaden, and many others. Alwasail Industrial Company produces plastic pipes (Polyethylene) of different sizes and lengths for irrigation systems, drinking water, wastewater, sanitation, gas, electricity conduits, and telecom ducts. It also complements its pipe production with a diverse production program for pipe fittings and irrigation accessories. Saudi Rubber Products produces rubber rings, joints’ seals. It has recently commissioned its foam rubber production lines, which produces insulation tubing and flat sheets for air conditioning pipes and ducts respectively. The Company’s management and board of directors consist of five members, which are also the shareholders. The shareholders are taking steps to develop a professional corporate governance structure that institutionalizes the management of the company. The management team consists of experienced engineers, finance and management professionals Alwasail served industries include: Water (Potable, Non-Potable, Supply lines-Sewage) Sea Water( Intake-Outfalls) Oil and Gas Infrastructures Irrigations (landscapes and agricultural) Communications Firefighting Power Supply Cables Protection
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Company Offices

  • Saudi Arabia (headquarters)
  • Buraydah
  • Alwasail Industrial Company Omar Bin Khattab Street