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  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • Founded2013
Ampion is the leading impact based pan-African organization dedicated to enabling entrepreneurs and fostering technological innovation. The heart of Ampion’s operations begins with 7-day innovation bootcamps, which take place on the Ampion Venture Buses across 14 African countries. Each Venture Bus is lead by Ampion trained staff, who are accompanied by both expert international experts and mentors. In addition to the Venture Bus and in partnership with Microsoft, Ampion offers an extensive Incubation Program along with mentoring and advisory services. Ampion is the winner of the “Global Innovation Ecosystem Award 2015” as well as the “Pan African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education 2014”. With German, American and African roots, they believe in seeding, sourcing, and supporting startups that will have the largest effect on the widest range of people. They have been in operation since 2013 and have grown each year to expand program offerings and reach to all 4 major African sub-regions. Their vision is to be a globally recognized catalyst for private sector-driven economic growth and promote impactful and sustainable development throughout the continent and the world. Corporate supporters of their programs are and have been, among others, Merck, Microsoft, MTN and SAP. AMPION uses a unique 3-tiered approach, designed to function in cooperation with or separate from each other and alongside existing efforts and local interests. They use the diversity and interconnectivity of their models to assist high-potential African based entrepreneurs and early stage startups at the points during their respective life-cycles where it is most needed. VENTURE BUS PROGRAM AMPION brings together aspiring entrepreneurs and tech experts from all over the world for a 7-day road trip across the African continent with our award-winning Venture Bus Program. They connect their participants with the biggest tech hubs across 16 African countries and help to build lasting business ties with investors, co-founders and the local startup scene. The buses run in the fall, with several route options available to choose from. Since its inception, AMPION has fueled the development of 30+ startups in 14 African countries through the Venture Bus Program. FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM An extensive 4-month incubation and skills training program, The Fellowship builds off of the foundations laid on the Venture Bus and identifies selected startup teams and individual entrepreneurs with the highest potential. Approximately 15 individuals per region will receive a package including subsidized work space, mentoring and access to investor networks coupled with consulting and advisory services in order to further develop their startup ideas. ACCELERATOR PROGRAM    

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