• Organization TypeGoods Supplier, Independent/None
  • Development Budget100 Million - 500 Million
  • Founded2012

Andu Amet Ltd.

Ethiopia is a land of wonders - the land was the home to the first human beings, clear blue skies and the dry land spread for miles, and the noble people of Ethiopia have continued to protect their traditional lifestyles to this day. The baby-soft delicate sheepskin brought up in Ethiopia is a gift from this land's mother earth. Andu Amet is an innovative luxurious brand which was exclusive prized leather from Ethiopia. The unique designs are inspired by both the radiant colors of Ethiopian artwork and the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship. Every stitch is handmade by the expert artisans in Ethiopia. By caring about the social and environmental impact throughout the crafting process of our beautiful artwork, andu amet offers a new and modern kind of luxury.
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