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ANGROS d.o.o. Trstenik

ANGROS d.o.o. is a spin-off company, created with the aim of designing a prototype as well as winning the production of a new type of cylinder-capsule with innovative protection against penetration of impurities in the piston device, which significantly increases the period of its exploitation. The Innovation Fund, through the Early Development Program, finances the project "Hydraulic Cylinder Capsule for Hydro-Presses", which covers the production of hydraulic cylindrical capsules for hydro-presses with a prolonged period of exploitation. Angros d.o.o. was created as a spin-off of the parent company SANVI d.o.o, which for more than 15 years has been servicing hydraulic cylinders-capsules for the needs of companies: US Steel - Serbia, Bakra - Sevojno Rolling Mill, TLM - Šibenik, Mak Steel - Skopje. As a rule, the cylinders that came in for service had the same defects, which caused fluid to leak due to damage to the piston, pipe and sealing material. Looking at the defects as well as the causes of their occurrence, the Angros expert team concluded the main cause of such defects in the design of the cylinder, which allows the penetration of dirt particles into the sensitive parts as well as improperly guided piston through the cylinder, which later adversely affects the durability of the piston. With the permission of US Steel, SANVI is drafted by Angros d.o.o. undertook measures to prevent the penetration of contaminated particles during one of the repairs as well as to fine-tune the piston guidance mechanism. The result of this endeavor is a piston that has been running for five years, which has confirmed the concept of innovation. The way the cylindrical capsule was constructed allowed for a longer period of exploitation. The period of service until repair has increased from one to three years to a period of at least five to seven years. Angros' product will be 20% cheaper than its competitors, with improved performance and extended operating life. Angros is positioned in the region, where the industry of hydraulic drives is highly developed, with a large number of highly trained hydraulic and pneumatic professionals who have acquired their knowledge and experience at Trstenik's Prva Petoletka, which until recently was one of the leading companies in the European market. The prospective market for Angros products includes all iron and rolling mills in the region of Southeast Europe, the European Union and the countries of the former Soviet Union. In 2015, Russian partners also take part in the company, with 51% ownership. According to the plan, a part of the company will be engaged in projects to improve the operation of hydraulic cylinders and systems, and the other part of the company will focus on the trade of materials for the production of hydraulic cylinders. Currently, ANGROS, in addition to the project bureau, leases 1500kvm of storage space in Prva Petoletka Trstenik.
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