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Ankara Electricity and Gas Management Enterprise (EGO)

Their establishment was established on 16 December 1942 as the Ankara Electricity and Gas Gas Management Enterprise . After incorporation of the Bus Operation Administration in 1950, Ankara Electricity, Gas and Bus Operation Organization ( EGO General Directorate ) provided electricity, gas (and natural gas) and bus services to Ankara. Turkey Electricity Authority to electricity services in 1982, the natural gas service in 2007. Capital Natural Gas Distribution Inc. to have been transferred. Today, their organization has undertaken the operation of bus and rail systems (Metro) in public transportation services in Ankara, as well as transportation planning services in order to provide traffic and safety of the city. EGO is a public legal entity, managed by private law. It conducts its procurement and construction activities in accordance with the Public Procurement Law No. 4734 and the Public Procurement Contracts Law No. 4735 and its income generating activities according to the Public Procurement Law No. 2886 and is not subject to corporate tax. EGO General Directorate is responsible to the Administrative Council and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council in terms of using authority. The decisions and applications taken by the General Directorate are put into practice after the approval of the Administrative Council. Today, their organization has determined its mission as the institution that brings the public transport and transportation needs of the people in Ankara in the most reliable, fastest, most economical, comfortable and most satisfying way, and brings its vision to life in peace and security.
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