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Antagen Biosciences, Inc. (dba Antagen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) is a Boston-based antibody development company. While Antagen is developing therapeutic antibodies for patients with cancer, autoimmune and infectious diseases, it also strives to serve the scientific community, and strengthen its research alliance through better products and services. For instance, Antagen excels in glyco-engineering of mammalian cell lines for large-scale manufacture of antibodies for research and therapy. To just name a few, these lines include Fut8-/- CHO-K1, Fut8-/- DG44, Fut8-/- HEK293, GS-/- CHO-K1, Fut8-/-GS-/- CHO-K1, Sial+ CHO-K1, Fut8-/-Sial+ CHO-K1, etc. They are for the manufacture of recombinant antibodies with higher ADCC activities (through afucosylation by Fut8-/- cells), and prolonged in vivo half-life as well as lower immunogenecity (through human sialylation by Sial+ cells). Contact us for your cell line service and antibody expression needs. Using the proprietary “Toggle-In” technology, Antagen has also generated stable CHO cell lines expressing tumor antigens or immune receptors/ligands that are available to the research community. The genes-of-interest are inserted in a site-specific manner in CHO genome, hence all the lines are isogenic (no clone-to-clone variation) with similar expression levels. These are good tools for various in vitro immuno-oncology assays. Besides the existing lines, Antagen can also make special cell line models for customers upon request. To further support the research community, Antagen scientists have developed rapid tests in lateral flow immunoassay (LFIA) format. Its antibody isotyping XpressCards for mouse, rat, hamster and human antibody isotyping have the most extensive product variants to suit customer needs in the current market. Crispy clear bands appear in as little as 2-5 min, saving tremendous time and hassles for researchers when compared with using the conventional methods such as ELISA. Additionally, Antagen has developed rapid tests for quick measurement of lentivirus titres, which is a crucial step for scientists using lentivirus as a gene delivery tool for basic research or for CAR-T therapy. Its second-generation LentiTitre cassette has 4 lanes that allow sample to be compared side-by-side with lentivirus standards with known titres. Results can be obtained in as little as 5 min, compared to days by the conventional infection method. All the above rapid tests are being sold to thousands of labs throughout its worldwide distributor network.

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