Anvil Business Club, Inc. (Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs)

The Anvil Business Club, Inc. (Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs) is an organization of young Filipino-Chinese businessmen and professionals, aged 21 to 50, committed to propagate positive values in promoting a healthy economy and a progressive society. While the founding purpose of the organization is to collectively project a more positive image of the young Filipino-Chinese in our society, our over-arching mission is to propagate positive Confucian and Filipino values, and pursuing excellence in our respective fields of endeavor for the economic and social progress of our country. It does this by promulgating business knowledge and ethics, by being the voice of the ethnic Chinese-Filipino minority, and by undertaking civic projects that lend a helping hand to less fortunate citizens. It seeks to develop tomorrow’s leaders from within its ranks, leaders in business and in Philippine society in general. It encourages a sense of socio-civic minded attitude among their members; while at the same time, educates them in the latest business trends and newest philosophies. It imbues their members with the old Chinese ethics and instill in them Filipino values in order to mold the image of the Chinese-Filipino businessman as a highly competitive and formidable force in the professional world. Its symbol and namesake, the Anvil, is also its metaphor, for within the Club, members forge not only new friendships and connections, but also endeavor to produce conscientious, decisive, and well-informed business leaders.
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Company Offices

  • Philippines (headquarters)
  • Pasig City
  • Unit 806 8th/Floor, Antel Global Corporate Center 3 Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center