Data for sustainable development Sustainable development needs information The transition from operational work to measurement of results need not be a break They understand both the IT and the social science side Specific, tailor-made information systems provide data for controlling measures and objectively determining the achievement of objectives through indicators. - Successful projects with their synergies become more visible and easier to control. - After completion of the project, the tools remain with the partner. Education and training , labor market , good governance , social security , infrastructure or health care . - It begins with an assessment that uses indicators from national, regional and international policies, agendas and plans to identify indicators, data needs and possible data-providing institutions. - This can be accompanied by a feasibility study that identifies alternative ways of implementation and sets out their cost-to-benefit ratio. - The planning phase involves all stakeholders and makes an efficient and effective solution already visible. - Binding specifications (Requirements Specification) facilitate the bidding if necessary. Their monitoring and quality management accompanies the creation, even if the execution was given to third parties. The final report also considers all project phases under the core aspects of sustainable development.
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