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The Arab Music Society is a specialized body of the League of Arab States and an organ of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States. It deals specifically with music affairs in the Arab world. It is specifically concerned with the development of music education in the Arab world. Arab musical heritage and preservation, and care for the production of musical and musical Arabic music and promote it, and also means the following musical specialties: • Research, studies, planning and education        • Professions          • Media         • Communication, programming, cash and manufacturing The meetings and meetings of the compound are usually an opportunity for dialogue and exchange of information and experiences among Arab countries on what they are doing in the field of music in general and Arabic music in particular.  Based on this, the Synod monitors the musical life in the Arab world through the delegates of the Arab countries who make up its Executive Council. It is always striving to undertake projects and studies of interest to all its Arab member States.       The establishment of the Academy was the birthplace of a group of Arab music pioneers who felt the need to complete the initiative that began at the first Arab Music Conference held in Cairo in 1932. This conference is a pivotal point, bringing together leading Arab and oriental musicians, Western music scholars and authors Who are fascinated by the culture of the Arab region, which is deeply rooted in history. They discussed the past and future of Arab music and identified strategies that the Synod should then develop and do.   The Secretariat of the League of Arab States responded to the proposal made by the heads of delegations of the Arab States participating in the International Conference on Arab Music held in Baghdad in 1964 on the establishment of the Arab Music Conservatory. The proposal was included in the agenda of the Arab Music Conference held in Fez, Morocco, in 1969, which the Council of the League of Arab States recommended approving the establishment of the complex. It was decided at the fifty-second session of the Council of the League in the same year.  

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