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Standards of living in Asian nations have been going up due to the rapid economic development and at the same time, interests in higher education have increased. However, local universities can not meet the demands either in quality or quantity. On the other hand, the Japanese government has set up a "Plan to accept 100,000 foreign students" trying to increase the number of foreign students. As a result, the number of foreign students studying in Japan has been increasing. Moreover ,the government published a "Plan to accept 300,000 foreign students" expecting to accept further foreign students.However, the situation in Japan as a recipient country for foreign students is not yet comparable with the other developed countries in terms of providing information to the foreign students, and expenses while the students are staying in Japan. Asia SEED understands this concern stated above and through the networks with the higher education institutions with a central focus on overseas and Japanese universities, we have worked to foster excellent human resources, and aimed at further development and to establish a friendly relation between Japan and other countries.
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