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Association Nodde Nooto (A2N)

Association Nodde Nooto (A2N) is a community of development agents who, aware of their crucial role as development actors, have undertaken to pool our efforts in a synergy of actions and in concertation to meet, together, the challenges that affect life, living together and the future of local populations. Nodde Nooto, “ready-to-serve” or “answering the call” in the fulfuldé local language, refers to the willingness of these actors that we are to listen to communities and to commit to serving them , act with these populations and partners for a sustainable development of the Sahel region. Association Nodde Nooto (A2N), an organization under Burkinabe law which has resolutely placed itself at the service of the development of local communities. Created on May 25, 1996 by the sons and friends of the Sahel region who have acquired experience as development actors in the State or in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), A2N has been recognized in 2005 as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO).
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