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Association of Hospitals of Puerto Rico

Brief historical background: The Association of Hospitals of Puerto Rico is a private non-profit organization, which brings together public hospitals in our country, as well as other institutions and / or personalities interested in the field of health. It was incorporated on June 25, 1942, under the name of "Hospital Council". According to our registry, it is established that a group of health professionals, led by doctors Manuel de la Pila Iglesias, Ramón Suárez, García Cabrera and Messrs. Félix Lámela, Rosendo Ríos and Roberto Ríos Boyd, organized for the purpose to strengthen the union of public and private health institutions of our country, with the aim of achieving excellence in the provision of health services, with the proper balance in the control of costs and benefits for the provider. As of March 20, 1976, the Association acquired the name Hospital Association of Puerto Rico, which it keeps to this day. At present, our Association brings together 67 of the 70 hospitals duly licensed in Puerto Rico, as well as other institutions, such as: Diagnosis and Treatment Centers, Independent Ambulatory Surgery Center, Ambulatory Services Center, Health Homes, distinguished personalities in the field of health, among others. Purpose: Our organization operates with the purpose of achieving that through the coordination of efforts of each member of the association, excellent health quality standards be maintained, for the benefit of the community where our institutions operate. For this, our Association carries out a series of educational and administrative activities to promote the good provision of quality health services. Assemblies: Within our activities stands out the Annual Assembly in which education is promoted, as well as the exchange of experiences among our associate members. It is in this forum that every two years the enrollment chooses the Board of Directors. The administrative work of our Association is also carried out there and our goals and objectives are re-evaluated. In addition, our Association conducts quarterly assemblies, in which education is promoted and the work of our Organization is periodically evaluated. Monthly, the Board of Directors meets to carry out the day-to-day work of our Organization and implement the agreements made by the registration. From time to time and when the Board of Directors deems it appropriate, Educational Seminars: In addition, our Association conducts multiple educational seminars on different aspects of general health and specialized services, in order to keep updated the different departments and services offered by our institutions. These educational seminars are carried out in activities specifically for this purpose, as well as in our annual assemblies. Office Staff: Our office has a base staff of five employees: an Executive President, two Vice Presidents, an Executive Secretary and an Accounting Officer. They, day after day, attend the different businesses of our Association, maintain the relationship between our members, prepare the material to circulate, as well as interact with the Department of Health, the Legislature, associate members and other institutions. In addition, we have five employees of the HIIN Project (Hospital Improvement and Innovation Network). In addition, we have an employee who collaborates in our agreements with the Greater New York Hospital Association. Local, National and International Relations: Another mechanism used by our Association to expand knowledge is to stimulate participation in different national and international forums, of which the Association is a member. At present, our Association stands out as an active member in the different forums: National - American Association of Hospitals, headquarters in Washington, DC International - International Federation of Hospitals, headquarters in London, England  - Latin American Federation of Hospitals, headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina  - Ibero-American Organization of Private Health Service Providers,  with headquarters in Madrid Spain. Local - American Hospital Association, based in Washington, DC Finance: Our Association covers its operational expenses through membership fees and / or through educational activities, as well as our Annual Meeting. Member Category: The Association has six categories of partners and they are broken down as follows: Institutional Partnerships All hospitals, duly licensed by the Department of Health of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, will be considered for admission as a member of the Hospital Association. The representative of said Institution shall have the right to belong to the Board of Directors and shall have the right to speak and vote in the assemblies of the Association. Associated members Other providers of health services that provide health services on an outpatient basis, who have a license required by the Department of Health of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, will be considered for admission in this category. In this category, the following facilities are included: - Diagnostic and Treatment Centers - Mental Health Centers - Health Houses - Independent Ambulatory Surgery Centers - Outpatient Service Centers - Independent Emergency Rooms - Dialysis centers - Hospice - Any other organization that meets the above requirements. Affiliates Other entities, institutions or associations of professionals related to health will be considered for admission in this category, provided that they meet the requirements of the Government of Puerto Rico and their activities are related to the objective of our Association. The representative of said organization will have a voice in our assemblies, without the right to vote. Individuals Any health professional duly licensed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and whose official functions and participation at the time of admission are related to the interests and objectives of our Association will be considered as an individual member. These members will have the right to have a representative on our Board of Directors with voice and vote. Fees Those persons who have distinguished themselves permanently in the field of health and whose activity has an outstanding result in the hospital industry will be considered for admission in this category. The designation will be carried out by an institutional member and must be supported by at least four additional institutional members. The designated person will have the right to speak without vote in our assemblies. Sponsor Any person or legal entity interested in promoting the development, improvement of health and well-being of the Puerto Rican people through the organization and provision of health services, which according to the regulation meets the objectives of the program, will be considered for admission in this category. our association Said person will have the right to speak, without the right to vote in our assemblies. Proactive Entity: Our Organization will monitor for the quality service and the most comprehensive services to improve the health of the Puerto Rican people. Also, it will be proactive in maintaining and introducing legislation for these purposes. The Association goes to the legislature, the Department of Health and other local and federal governmental forums, as well as to the media, when it deems it pertinent to achieve its purpose. More information: If you are interested in learning more about our Association, you can call our telephone numbers, send a message via fax or communicate through our E-mail. Please refer to the Contact Section.
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