• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO, Association
  • HeadquartersNepal
  • Founded1996

Association of International NGOs (AIN)

Established in the year 1996, the Association of International NGOs - AIN   is an informal group of INGOs working in Nepal. AIN is an unregistered body or specifically a Membership based network of INGOs.  At present, AIN has a stronghold of one hundred and forty INGO members working on a wide-range of issues making noteworthy contributions to development and humanitarian efforts.  As per SWC there are two hundred and sixty INGOs working in Nepal. AIN as an umbrella has stood as an epitome for these diverse INGOs working in the country. AIN has been keenly facilitating and supporting its member's ideals and objectives, promoting mutual understanding, fostering camaraderie and harmony. Though an informal network it is a trust-driven and communication-intensive entity. The Articles of  Association and the strategy plan bind its members to AIN's core values, vision and goals. AIN's various thematic working groups bring them together to an ultimate platform to facilitate development cooperation. As a vital actor in the development sector, since its inception AIN has made a niche of its own through the implementation and accomplishment of various people-centered development programs through the working groups. AIN has been a vehicle to transfer knowledge & information, sharing experiences & learning of the Member Organizations. AIN has been formally recognized by the government, Social Welfare Council, SWC and the line Ministries as a stand-alone, independent entity despite of not being registered. To become an AIN Member, it is mandatory that those INGOs are registered first with the SWC. AIN believes in promoting and supporting SWC as the one window for all INGOs. AIN is not a donor but as a key stakeholder and partner in the development of Nepal, AIN endeavors to engage with the government, donors, and various sectors of the civil society including the NGOs, the poor and the excluded strata. AIN's credibility is seen through the responsible and constructive role its members have been performing in the society. AIN members are professional humanitarian actors who, besides their development projects, have also embarked on humanitarian projects to respond immediately to people in need. AIN within its membership possesses a well-established and diverse experienced expertise with the capacity to execute a far-reaching role in reviewing and implementing environmentally sound and socially responsible sustainable development. AIN is committed to fighting the battle against poverty, discrimination, exclusion, marginalization and underdevelopment. AIN members operate under either a national, regional or international board or elected members or trustees.  Respective Organisational Charters guide the Members on matters such as work ethics, scope and objectives of their involvement.  They are keen to be transparent in their activities and are accountable internationally to their headquarters' management, and to the donors and individuals who fund their work.  They are accountable nationally to the Government of Nepal under the procedures laid down by the Government, and to their partners in development, whether local organisations or beneficiaries. AIN Members are in an excellent position to support the development efforts of NGOs, CBOs and other community structures as well as the Government.  AIN Members' contribution should thus be understood as an integral part of the Development Process. The wide range of AIN Member Organizations contribute in the field of Agriculture, Forestry, Health, Education, Disability, Renewable Energy, Construction, Environment and Poverty Reduction. Likewise many cover the components such as Human Rights, Women & Gender, Peace, Birth Registration, Social Mobilization, Good governance and Ethnic Minorities while others are focused on sectors such as Media, Economic Development, Advocacy, Institutional Development and Small Enterprise Development. Thus AIN embraces an array of development actors who turn the development dreams into reality. They share a common goal of poverty reduction and sustainable development, changing & improving the lives of many, especially the disadvantaged and the deprived ones. AIN Members abide by common core values and guiding principles, which has stood as a pillar of strength in spite of varying aims, policies and working methods of the diverse range of organizations. AIN Steering Committee The AIN Steering Committee comprises eleven members and is elected by the General Assembly for a term of two years.  The Steering Committee meets once a month and whenever there is a need. The AIN General Assembly is held once a year and the AIN Plenary Assembly is held five times a year. AIN Secretariat is based at Save the Children Offices with two full time staff.
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