• Organization TypeIndependent/None, Association
  • Founded2005

Association pour la promotion de l'Education et de la formation a l'Etranger (APEFE)

The National Initiative for Human Development (INDH), founded in Morocco in 2005, aims to  fight against poverty ,  precariousness  and  social exclusion  through the implementation of projects to support basic infrastructure, training projects and capacity building, social, cultural and sports activities as well as the promotion of income-generating and employment activities. By its innovative aspect, the NHRI is based on a new philosophy and a new style of management preaching values ​​such as  human dignity and the participation  of the population concerned through the participatory diagnosis and the declination of needs expressed in projects. . In addition, good governance and  sustainability are  added to these values, which reinforce democratic governance that gives all development actors the opportunity to become deeply involved in the decision-making process of public affairs. Today, the numbers are there and testify to the successes accumulated by the INDH. In fact, at the end of 2016, there were 42,475 projects implemented that benefited nearly 10.4 million people, notably through the creation of 8,300 income-generating activities. As a reminder, the program Min Ajliki aims to promote Moroccan women by affirming their skills and ability to enrich and develop the economic network. The results recorded by the program reflect an unprecedented enthusiasm: 500 managers trained to support project leaders, 60,000 sensitized women including 700 trained in entrepreneurship and 1200 accompanied in business creation. Following the success of this program, a second phase "Min Ajliki 2.0" took shape in 2017 and aims to extend to all regions of Morocco until 2021.    This is the first time a Belgian cooperation agency is rewarded by an institution such as the NIHD and APEFE makes every effort so that the second phase of the program can continue to ren c onstrate such an exemplary success and fruitful .
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Staff at Association pour la promotion de l'Education et de la formation a l'Etranger (APEFE) have experience in


  • reproductive health
  • development
  • systems
  • health systems
  • project support


  • bolivia
  • ecuador
  • grenada
  • mali
  • benin


  • managerial experience
  • business development
  • international experience
  • with experience in conflict areas