Astron Informatics Limited



  • Organization TypeGoods Supplier, Service Providers
  • Staff101-250
  • HeadquartersHungary
  • Founded1999
Their business activity covers the area of electric power and natural gas control systems, commercial and business intelligence applications, and railway automation systems. With their value-added systems for mobile providers and mobile app development services, they are also present in the field of telecommunication. They offer their services without geographical limitations – they have meaningful global references. They consider discovering new markets, business areas and partners as a challenge. Their systems are developed on the base of deep knowledge of the regulation environment and the industrial technology of their customers, so that their business processes can be operated quickly, efficiently, in a fail-safe way. Their systems make their customers more competitive. They establish long-term co-operations. They are reliable a partner, their leaders are recognized representatives of their professions. Due to their stable economical background and expertise they fulfil the strictest requirements of domestic and international tenders. Their company was founded in December, 1999; their main activities are custom-tailored software development and related professional consultancy. They employ more than 85 highly qualified colleagues. Their annual turnover is over 1.5 billion HUF and a meaningful part of this income come from export. Building upon on their experience in international team-work, they undertake complex software development projects on various computing platforms, based on traditional or agile development methodology. Besides their skilled software development resources they have recognized technological experts as well. Their consultants, having several years of experience in electric power and gas industry and telecommunication, help their Customers in business analysis and system specification. The company objective of Astron Informatics Ltd. is that due to its consistent attitude and high professional level, it remains the respected participant of the information technology market.

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Company Offices
  • Hungary (headquarters)
  • Budapest
  • Budafoki út 56