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Athens Chamber of Small and Medium Sized Industries (ACSMI)


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The ongoing changes in the fields of technology, communications, informatics, process of information, compose a changing and fluid frame within which the businesses have to continuously redefine their balance and objectives. In particular the fact that the multinational companies have rendered new countries as centres where the processing activities are concentrated utilising thus the comparative economic advantages of these areas, has drastically changed the world production map and changed the balance in world trade. At the same time the globalisation of the markets and the intensification of competition has altered the traditional forms of conducting business activities and made the small enterprises vulnerable to the new economic conditions that have emerged. Therefore the small and very small enterprises are called to wage the battle for competitiveness, the battle for their very existence in an environment that keeps on becoming worst. The Athens Chamber of Small and Medium Sized Industries and its new Administration realise fully the concern and anxiety of its business – members. The Administration realises fully the burden of its obligations and responsibilities towards the small and medium entrepreneur. Hence the new Administration considers it as an obligation towards the over 50.000 active members of VEA to fight for the improvement of the existing conditions and to contain the shrinking of the production fibre of the country in general. In addition the Administration declares its conviction that the Athens Chamber of Small and Medium Industries with its capable and experienced executives is able, and should, play the role of the reliable consultant to the small and medium entrepreneurs. It also considers as a duty of it to contribute towards the dissemination of useful information to the members of the Chamber and also to develop new services in order to assist them. The aim of the new Administration is to render VEA the organisation that expresses all the businesses of the sector that compose it and at the same time to put forward proposals and solutions regarding the multiple problems they are faced with. The upgrading of the Athens Chamber of Small and Medium Sized Industries and making it a reliable advisor to the State on issues related to the small and medium enterprises is an option of primary importance for the Administration. For this reason it invites all those involved, business members and organisations that represent sectors, as well as the State itself to rally together and c-operate in order to materialise soon the vision for an innovative, modern and effective Athens Chamber of Small and Medium Sized Industries that will be at the service of the small and medium Entrepreneur.

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