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Autorité de Régulation de la Filière Café (ARFIC)

Autorité de Régulation de la Filière Café (Burundi Coffee Regulatory Agency) is a Public Establishment with Administrative Character (EPA) created on June 1st, 2009 relating to Creation, Missions, Organization and Functioning of the Authority of Regulation of Burundi Coffee Sector. The ARFIC was set up as part of the implementation of the government's strategy of disengagement from the coffee sector and this strategy consists of setting up an "Institutional and Regulatory System" for the coffee sector. replacement of the Burundi Coffee Office "OCIBU" and which relies mainly on two complementary bodies: The Regulatory Authority of the Coffee Sector of Burundi Burundi Interprofessional Coffee Association  The regulation, supervision and control of the various professions in the coffee sector is the responsibility of ARFIC while the day-to-day operational responsibility of these professions (production, processing, marketing, export, etc.) is entrusted to INTERCAFE Burundi. The Authority's mission is to serve as a State body to ensure compliance with the rules and operation in the coffee sector, to centralize and disseminate all technical, agronomic, economic and financial information related to the sector. It is in charge of quality control and information for the operators of the coffee sector in order to give it all the characteristics of a competitive sector and thus to meet all the conditions to allow a fair remuneration to all professions. paying special attention to coffee growers. It also plays the role of State Council in the field of industry production, processing, marketing and promotion of the image of Burundian coffee both nationally internationally.   In this context, its responsibilities are: - Contribute to the formulation of industry policy and strategy for production, processing, marketing, research and training; - grant operating licenses for stakeholders in the coffee sector; - to issue certificates of origin and quality for export; - develop, validate and monitor compliance with quality standards in collaboration with the Burundian Bureau of Standardization; - to represent Burundi in the discussions and negotiations of international coffee treaties, conventions and regulations as well as regional and international coffee promotion conferences; - to ensure quality control and defend the origin of the Burundi Coffee; - to follow the trends of national and international production; - to follow movements of the international market; - managing the financial resources for coffee research; - monitor the financial results and performance of all stakeholders in the coffee sector; - to collect, process and disseminate statistical data and coffee information; - promote the local consumption of good coffee by maintaining its roasting unit; - monitor the coffee sector by enforcing codes of conduct in the coffee sector; - to play the role of board of referees between the operators of the Burundian coffee sector; - to ensure the supervision of the coffee sector and the arbitration of technical disputes in the industry; - to ensure certification in collaboration with the Burundian Bureau of Standardization.
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