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  • Staff6-25
  • Founded2010
BCS is a Mauritius-headquartered wholesale telecom infrastructure provider, operating under licenses in each of Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, also serving Burundi, DRC, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Zambia at their respective border points. The Group owns over 2500 km of terrestrial fiber in Uganda and up to 50 Gbps capacity in The East African Marine System (“TEAMS”), through its 1.25% shareholding in the undersea cable system. BCS Group also leases additional bandwidth to provide seamless back haul connectivity and redundancy to the region’s telecom operators and internet service providers. Since 2014, BCS Group has leveraged its construction expertise in several East and Central African markets, to build over 2,480 km of fiber networks as Engineering, Procurement and Construction (“EPC”) contractor for third parties. By virtue of operating its own network infrastructure, BCS Group has access to near-unlimited bandwidth with which to serve its growing customer base. BCS Group’s management estimates that the Group’s network carries one-third of the internet capacity in each of Rwanda, South Sudan and Uganda, measured by traffic volume. Their customers in these markets account for two-thirds of data subscribers and they use their services for about half of their capacity needs. Statistic 98% of the internet use is on the mobile devices, with Mobile internet subscription growing 3 times higher in Africa than any other continent. The region has experienced an increase in mobile devices penetrating the market, driving the growth of data traffic to almost 71% globally leading an increase in bandwidth demand. Mission To enable their partner operators to create an increase in the number of broadband subscribers and provide excellent internet experience at low prices. Vision Empower and avail hosted services that add value to the final consumer while providing exceptional communication infrastructure in the East African region.

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