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  • Founded2014
Bindez emerged out of a challenge that has faced many countries coming online in the last few decades: how to make their countries languages talk with computers. This area, natural language processing, is one that spans computer science, artificial intelligence, and computational linguistics that studies the interaction between human language and computers. Bindez is an acronym for Burmese Index, a project which started as a local language search engine by 2 Burmese techies Yewint Ko and Htet Will in mid-2013, shortly after the country had opened up to new technology and content consumption needs became evident. Bootstrapping through their early months with linguistics research and development, Yewint working a day-job in Singapore and Htet just out of college in Yangon, they met a mentor in Indian national Rahul Batra, a former Googler and online product and business expert, towards the end of 2013 via the community. Together the 3 co-founded Bindez in April 2014 to help Burmese language users find information online with more ease and efficiency. Mission: Bindez was started with the vision of making Burmese language information access easier, more relevant and eventually smarter. - Originally, for people speaking / reading / writing Burmese in Myanmar, and the Burmese diaspora abroad which lacks ways to stay updated on the happenings in their country. This is where our Content Aggregation and Discovery mission comes in. - Next, for people, businesses and organizations looking to better offer their content to a wider, more web-savvy audience - in an efficient, unbiased and technology-enabled (smarter) manner. Our back-end tools to assist Publishers, Partners and Advertisers come in here. - Last, for marketers, agencies, and civic society stakeholders following mass sentiment on the Burmese web to make better organisational decisions through actionable information metrics. Our Social Analytics platform and tools offer Myanmar a unique solution here.

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