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BIOGUAVIARE is a Colombian company located in the department of Guaviare, in the Colombian Amazon. San José del Guaviare is a strategic location for the natural supplies industry, since it is located in the middle of the Amazon region and connected to the interior of the country by land for efficient national and international distribution.  BIOGUAVIARE produces pulps and natural oils from wild fruits of the Amazon rainforest. These fruits are harvested in a sustainable manner by community organizations of peasants and indigenous people of the region. The business model is based on a sustainable management of the forest as a strategy of conservation and social inclusion by linking producer communities as founding partners of the company. The local association of producers " ASOPROCEGUA " participates shareholder of BIOGUAVIARE , in a relationship marked by the value, respect and equality.  BIOGUAVIARE SUPPLIES THE WORLD SUSTAINABLY GROWING THE BEST COLOMBIAN FRUITS. Mission To take sustainable advantage of the wild fruits of the Colombian Amazon, promoting local economic development and the conservation of our forests. View By the year 2021, BIOGUAVIARE seeks to position itself in the national and international market as the best option in Amazonian pulps and natural oils in Colombia. Likewise, to be recognized as the leading company in social and environmental responsibility, and for the high quality of its products and service to customers. Values Respect . We value and appreciate the social, cultural and environmental environment that allows us to exist as a company and that is expressed in our mission. Respect for the biological diversity of our country, for the communities of producers of the countryside, the forests and the forests, and for the customers of our products, is a vital value. Innovation . In BIOGUAVIARE we innovate permanently, looking for new formulas, new products and new possibilities based on the richness of nature and the knowledge and skills of our people. We unveiled to meet the needs of our customers by designing appropriate solutions to their needs and desires. Quality . We offer healthy and nutritious products, of the highest quality, produced with natural inputs that have been harvested or harvested in a sustainable manner and / or without negative impacts on the environment. Collaboration . Teamwork is one of the core values ​​of BIOGUAVIARE. Our team extends to the numerous and diverse suppliers that are linked to our value chain. Confidence . At BIOGUAVIARE we value the construction of trust based on interests we share with others. This allows us to be a communicating vessel between suppliers and customers, bringing products and producers from rural areas closer to consumers in the cities of Colombia. 

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