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The Biomimicry Institute was founded in 2006 by Janine Benyus and Bryony Schwan to share nature’s design lessons with the people who design and make the world. Biomimicry Institute began by working directly with educators from K-12, university, and non-formal (museums, zoos, aquariums) environments to naturalize biomimicry in the educational system, and ensure the next generation of changemakers had the tools to integrate biomimicry in their careers. Education is at the roots, and you can find lesson plans, classroom exercises, and educator training courses on the Biomimicry Education Network. In 2008, Biomimicry Institute launched a free, online catalog of nature’s solutions to design challenges. AskNature, has helped students and practitioners around the globe look to nature for sustainable design inspiration and advice. As the programs evolved, They began working closely with the sister organization, the Biomimicry Guild, a for-profit consulting company also founded by Janine Benyus. In 2010 they embarked on an experiment and united with the Guild under a shared brand, Biomimicry 3.8, as a non-profit/for-profit hybrid organization. In 2014, the two entities decided to revert to the original model of dual brands in order to more effectively achieve the missions. The for-profit consultancy is now Biomimicry 3.8, while the non-profit organization is the Biomimicry Institute. Mission: The purpose of the Biomimicry Institute is to naturalize biomimicry in the culture by promoting the transfer of ideas, designs, and strategies from biology to sustainable human systems design.

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