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Biosafety S.A.

ABOUT US Biosafety South Africa is a national technology platform in service of the country’s biotech regulators, researchers, technology developers and public. Their mandate is to enable safe, sustainable and compliant research, development, production, use and application of biotechnology - in particular GMOs. They are an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology and funded entirely from public sources. They ASSIST & ADVISE all biosafety stakeholders with regard to regulatory compliance, biosafety and risk analysis best practice and sustainable biotech innovation. They PROMOTE BIOSAFETY RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT in support of the national policy and regulatory frameworks and to ensure effective risk management. They ENCOURAGE SUSTAINABLE BIOTECH INNOVATION by creating and enabling environment and investing in the biosafety/sustainability development of biotech products. They help DEVELOP NATIONAL & REGIONAL CAPACITY in sustainability research and development and risk analysis, because they realise biosafety system are only as good as the people managing them. They are passionate about COMMUNICATING THE SCIENCE behind biosafety and biotechnology to all stakeholders; providing answers across the whole spectrum, from the public’s general questions to the technical enquiries of biosafety practitioners. For more information please refer to the two downloadable infographics below.
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