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Since it was founded over 30 years ago, Biotop has committed itself to the judicious use of water, an element that gives us both life and deep enjoyment. For many people having pure natural water in their own garden for either swimming or its simple beauty is a dream come true. Biotop’s approach copies nature, using only ecologically sustainable building components and recycled products. All of the partners in their network make up a community that has been steadily growing and sharing a common goal. All those who understand the Austrian pioneer Biotop’s values and philosophy will equally appreciate the beauty and power of nature when water becomes an element in garden landscaping design. For their benefit, and for their natural environment. A company with an ecological focus can also have a viable economic future. This was their vision for the first several years. The Natural Pool was only one of many ideas, but without a doubt it was the best. Not only did Biotop come across this idea half a decade before anyone else, Biotop has also been the most innovative system provider right from the start.
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