• Organization TypeFoundation
  • Staff1-5
  • Development BudgetLess than 1 Million
  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • Founded2013
The BitGive Foundation is the first 501(c)(3) Bitcoin nonprofit charitable foundation representing the Bitcoin community. Their mission is to leverage the power of the Bitcoin community to improve public health and the environment worldwide. They focus on charitable giving and demonstrating Bitcoin’s social value on a global scale through supporting charitable organizations with fundraising campaigns, education, and partnerships. Several of their charity partners include Save The Children, The Water Project, Medic Mobile, and more. They aim to: 1. Establish a multi-million dollar investment fund to provide sustainable support to the BitGive organization and its mission. 2. Make financial contributions to sound and effective organizations that are working to improve public health and the environment. Charitable Priorities Public Health Organizations that make progress towards improving public health on an international scale, including cancer and disease research and innovations; challenges of poverty, hunger, and shelter; and other efforts to improve public health. Environment Organizations that make progress towards improving the environment, including protection of important habitats and species; clean water and clean air; reduced dependence of fossil fuels; preparing for and defending against extreme weather events; and other efforts to improve and enhance the environment.  

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