• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO, Service Providers
  • HeadquartersMexico
  • Founded2013

Borde Juridico

BORDE, is the integration of two organizations Political Edge and Legal Edge, each specialized in Open Parliament and Open Justice respectively. The common goal is to open institutions to citizen participation through interactive communication tools, political coordination and co-creation methodologies. OBJECTIVES: Design public policies in a participatory way to contribute to the continuous improvement of institutions. Promote the use of co-creation methodologies for drafting legislative pieces. Assist in the development of systems that allow institutions to be held accountable and publish information in open data formats. BORDE considers the participation of people in the process to be the co-creation of solutions to their problems. Their projects start with an innovative methodology focused on identifying the real needs of the actors that make up the local systems .  Their co-creation framework starts from three participation methodologies. First, it responds to the initial stage of a design process focused on user experience (UX design), which is commonly used in software development and has evolved from the design of information architectures (AI) and interactive design (IxD). ). It is a process that involves a series of iterations that ensure the usability of a product and its ability to respond to the needs of users . The second is the theory of change, which allows them to causally present the objectives that each project seeks to achieve. This method is used as a planning tool, but it is also useful for designing and evaluating programs and interventions, especially with a social approach.. Finally, they integrate the Key Actors Mapping technique that integrates local systems. The foregoing forms the core of BORDE's working methodology and applies when they design new technologies such as PPPs and digital platforms, but also in the design of public policies, legislation and communication strategies or political articulation. As an example of the application of their co-creation framework, they apply these methodologies to the design of the National Process of Regulatory Harmonization in the Area of ​​Sustainable Mobility in Mexico. local. MISSION STATEMENT Strengthen the democratic rule of law through the use of information and communication technologies, citizen participation processes and the design of strategies for political articulation. VISION STATEMENT  They explore new ways of building the democratic rule of law with an inclusive, participatory and collaborative approach.  
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