• Organization TypeGoods Supplier
  • Staff1001-5000
  • Founded1958
Borusan Mannesmann; has its signature in everything people come across by in daily life. The roads they pass over, in transmission of gas and water they use, the motor vehicles they use with confidence every day, the buildings in which they live, the machinery and vehicles around them and all the systems and structures surrounding them... Borusan Mannesmann is sustaining the duty and responsibility of life; providing secure products and services that can be trusted for life...  A success story Europe’s leading steel pipe manufacturer, Borusan Mannesmann has started its business in 1958 as the first enterprise of Turkey's leading industrial power, the Borusan Group. Having Borusan Group’s power and reliability, Borusan Mannesmann has become a trusted brand for more than 55 years and all over the world. A journey, which started with 27 employees and 5 types of products, is proceeding with 1400  employees and a product range of 4000 items today. Mission Providing products and services that enhance the quality of life with their expertise in steel pipe industry and to promote the process of economic and social progress of their community. Vision To be a globally recognized, leading steel pipe company. Borusan Mannesmann having a global vision; signed a partnership with Europe's leading steel and technology company, Salzgitter Mannesmann GmbH in 1998, and strengthened its position of competitiveness in the international arena. Today Borusan Mannesmann, with it’s 5 plants in 3 continents,1.4 mn tons of production capacity and high sales volume, is among Europe and the world's leading producers in the steel pipe industry... While exporting products to various countries in Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, Borusan Mannesmann contributes to Turkey and it also grows into one of the main driving forces of the Turkish economy due to its assurance for future developments. Utilizing its experience to the markets overseas, especially in USA, Europe and Middle East, Borusan Mannesmann has successfully accomplished producing pipes for numerous major energy, oil and gas pipeline projects. The name of Borusan Mannesmann can be found under many great worldwide projects. The company provides products for various international projects such as The Baku – Tbilisi - Ceyhan Pipeline, The NK1 Oil Pipeline, The Şahdeniz, The Blue Stream, The Turkey – Greece Pipeline, Hungary Gas Pipeline, USA-Elba Express Natural Gas Pipeline and TANAP projects.  Generating the future: Borusan Mannesmann While offering thousands of original products, trusted services and quality Borusan Mannesmann, rather than only producing pipes, is building the future of Turkey. Borusan Mannesmann is providing a planet protected with environmental policies, a country developed with profitable investments, and a promising future... Borusan Mannesmann is deeply rooted both in the history and in the developing future of Turkey...

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