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Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation

The Brooklyn Navy Yard (the Yard) is a mission-driven industrial park that is a nationally acclaimed model of the viability and positive impact of modern, urban industrial development. The Yard is now home to over 400 businesses employing more than 9,000 people and generating over $2 billion per year in economic impact for the city. Building on the Yard's history as the economic heart of Brooklyn, the 300-acre waterfront asset offers a critical pathway to the middle class for many New Yorkers. The Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation (BNYDC) is the not-for-profit corporation that serves as the real estate developer and property manager of the Yard on behalf of its owner, the City of New York. BNYDC constantly strives to provide an environment in which businesses and careers can take root and grow. Industrial users are BNYDC's highest priority. The Yard was once the nation's most storied naval shipbuilding facility, which for over 150 years built and launched America's most famous fighting ships, including the USS Maine, USS Arizona, and USS Missouri. The Yard also served as an important point of passage, home, and workplace for countless veterans as they served their country. Through its public programming, the Yard continues to honor and preserve this rich history. Mission BNYDC's mission is to fuel New York City's economic vitality by creating and preserving quality jobs, growing the city's modern industrial sector and its businesses, and connecting the local community with the economic opportunity and resources of the Yard. Vision BNYDC believes that the industrial sector can and will flourish in New York, employing a diverse cross-section of New Yorkers in jobs that offer real career pathways. BNYDC's goal is to more than double employment – to 17,000 jobs – by 2020. BNYDC's vision is a vibrant and dense, modern manufacturing community where businesses are provided the stability needed to invest, grow, and thrive. As the Yard grows, BNYDC will facilitate the expansion of key uses that enable the success of the Yard's tenant businesses and support the stabilization and growth of the industrial sector. As the economic opportunity at the Yard increases, BNYDC will strive to find new and better ways to reach out to and partner with the local community to access these benefits. In order to achieve this vision, BNYDC does the following:   Creates and preserves quality jobs Builds and maintains the real estate and physical infrastructure required for modern, urban industrial business activity. Brings additional space on line through rehabilitation, subdivision, and new development. Pursues tenant businesses that have the potential to be robust employers, across a spectrum of skill levels. Anchors New York City's modern industrial sector and its businesses Provides a stable and predictable real estate environment, and offers services that allow tenant businesses to invest and flourish. Cultivates a thriving industrial tenant base by retaining and attracting manufacturing businesses, and fostering strategic growth in other key sectors such as technology, design, artisanal, production, and film/media. Partners with tenants to accommodate and support their plans for growth. Advocates for small and industrial businesses and their unique needs and benefits. Demonstrates that—in the right environment—industry can still thrive in urban America. Connects the local community with the resources and economic opportunity at the Yard Reaches out to and partners with the local community to create meaningful connections between residents and the jobs and other economic opportunities (such as direct placements, internships, training, and mentorship) available at the Navy Yard, focusing on groups with significant barriers to employment. Collaborates with stakeholders to expand the types and quality of opportunities available. Ensures that local, minority, and women-owned businesses have access to the development and construction opportunities the Yard presents. Employs sustainable practices in our development and operations. Honors and celebrates the history and heritage of the Yard through preservation, adaptive reuse, and public access. Delivers public programming and services that directly contribute to the local community.
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