• Organization TypeGoods Supplier, Service Providers
  • HeadquartersItaly

BRUNO S.r.l.

To better meet the needs of an evolving global market, BRUNO has designed a new line of products which includes compact, reliable and ultra-silent generating sets. BRUNO has always been committed to invest in RESEARCH and INNOVATION providing its customers with a wide range of products among the most complete in the world. Over the last years BRUNO has been oriented towards increasing its PRODUCTION CAPABILITY and the QUALITY of its products focusing on the EVOLUTION of NEW TECHNOLOGIES. All production processes are managed internally. All the production plants are located in ITALY. THEIR VISION THEY APPLY THE ACTIVE PRINCIPLES OF HUMAN INTELLIGENCE WHEN THEY DO THEIR WORK About inGenius - IT IS THEIR WAY OF THINKING AND OPERATING - IT IS HOW THEY COMBINE RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, CREATIVITY, INNOVATION - IT IS THEIR WAY TO PROVIDE THE MOST “INGENIOUS” SOLUTIONS TO BETTER SATISFY THEIR CUSTOMERS NEEDS. ENCOURAGING INDUSTRIAL SYNERGY THEY ENCOURAGE INDUSTRIAL SYNERGY AND STRATEGIC INTEGRATION Transfer and exchange of technical information with their commercial partners guarantees an acceleration of their “ time to market” through the offer of very innovative products. Knowledge transfer and exchange among the companies of Bruno Group of which BRUNO is a part of, reflects in the constantly updated production processes. THEIR KNOW-HOW All the companies of their Group are planted in ITALY and are active in different fields: - Manufacturing of axles & trailers (OMC Axles&Trailers) - LED lighting systems (BESTLUX) - Remote Control and Monitoring systems for Rental fleets (UNITS CONTROL). inGenius represents the common way of thinking among the different companies of their Group. BRUNO takes advantage from the continuous internal know-how exchange designing NEW PRODUCTS. Technologically advanced LED lighting towers and VSi generators are the most silent, the most reliable, the most ingenious.
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Company Offices

  • Italy (headquarters)
  • Grottaminarda
  • Via S.S. 91 KM 0,600 - 83035
  • Campania