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BT Microfinantare (BT Mic)

BT Mic is the company BT Microfinantare IFN SA, is part of the BT Family (Banca Transilvania Financial Group) and is a company dedicated to financing small businesses. The story of BT Mic , the BT Financial Group company that helps small businesses grow, started in December 2015, with a meeting with Banca Transilvania. At the same time, the team more than the enthusiast set the trajectory for the BT start-up with the most beautiful name. Why BT Small? Because BT Mare (Banca Transilvania), as the bank of the entrepreneurial people, needs BT Small for its role of supporting SMEs to be a complete one. The year 2016 was essential for the construction of BT Mic. In about 10 months the offer was drawn and the team established, and the actual launch is on February 20, 2017. BT Small comes with financing for entrepreneurs who have an annual turnover of up to 1 million lei, regardless of the field of activity. and of the form of organization: commercial company, authorized natural person, individual enterprise, free professional etc. You can take a loan for whatever the business needs: merchandise, various payments / expenses, payment of suppliers, cars, equipment, spaces, land etc. The loans are given quickly, through the BT Mic network and the Bank of Transylvania. A confectionery, a translation office, a restaurant ... great ideas that can be transformed into business with the help of BT Mic. In other words, there are ideas that can transform you because they make the transition to a new way of life, based on entrepreneurship, which means freedom, passion and responsibility. The business model of BT Mic. It all starts with people (with entrepreneurial spirit) BT Mic has a simple business model: it offers access to finance for entrepreneurs who have small businesses or who are at the beginning of the road, but have not found a solution in the classical banking system. In the core team there are now about 10 people, but BT Mic means a large team, involved in all areas of activity and with experience in the Transylvania Banking Group. One of the benchmarks of its business model is the personalization of the clients approach and of the solutions offered by BT Mic, according to the characteristics of each business. BT also printed in the start-up of BT Mic the idea of human (banking) in the customer relationship: the BT Mic team visits the business and, more than that, stays close to the customer even after the financing has been granted. Details about BT Small for entrepreneurs : Through BT Mic are granted financing to entrepreneurs who have an annual turnover of up to 1 million lei, regardless of the field of activity and the form of organization: commercial companies, authorized individuals, family businesses / associations, individual enterprises, free professionals , persons who carry out economic activities. Loans are offered if the companies have at least 3 months of economic activity. Loans can be aimed at supporting and developing daily activity, purchasing goods, paying suppliers, investing in work points and / or opening new ones, purchasing machines / equipment, etc. Through BT Mic, the approach of the clients is individual, personalized, having as objective the understanding of each business and the agreement of a financing structure that will ensure its development in a sustainable way. Customers benefit from flexibility regarding the requested guarantees and amounts up to 120,000 lei. The loan granting period is up to 7 years.
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