Bureau Brasileiro Ltda. (BBL)


  • Organization TypeGoods Supplier
  • HeadquartersBrazil
  • Founded1976
BBL is an engineering services company directed to the main activities of: • Inspection and diligence of materials and equipment during manufacturing • Inspection of civil works and electromechanical assembly • Audit of quality system, process and product • Testimonial of final manufacturing and commissioning tests • Monitoring of type and reduced model tests • Execution or monitoring of non-destructive and special tests • Inspection of equipment under maintenance or in service •Qualification of welding processes and welders • Monitoring of welding and execution of non-destructive welding tests • Qualification of painting and coating processes • Structural calculations and evaluation of integrity and remaining life of equipment • Commissioning of ducts and hydrostatic test certification Founded in 1976, BBL has provided inspection and testing services to more than 1,500 clients in the following areas: • Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity • Rail, subway and special transportation • Basic sanitation • Chemical and petrochemical industries, paper and pulp, mining and metallurgical • Gas distribution BBL has an organizational structure established so as to allow great agility in serving its clients and fulfilling the objectives of its Quality System. The autonomy and independence of BBL within the market, guarantee a total freedom of action and complete security of the integrity and impartiality of its services.

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  • Brazil (headquarters)
  • Sao Paulo
  • Av Antártica 62, 6º andar