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Bureau National de Coordination REDD+ Madagascar (BNC REDD+)

Since last year, the MEEF and the REDD + NBC have doubled their efforts to set up the National REDD + Platform. A structure that aims to capitalize the capacities of available resources to advance the national REDD + process in Madagascar. Numerous meetings and workshops have been organized in recent times to develop the draft text for setting up this structure. The role, mission and attributions of the National REDD + Platform have been discussed at length and have been updated several times as planned. From the drafting of its terms of reference to the drafting of the ministerial decree concerning its creation, organization and operation, as well as the appointment of its members; the process has been iterative, integrating the participation of all stakeholders and respecting the principle of transparency. As a result, the National REDD + Platform was officially created on July 12, 2016 under Ministerial Order No. 14569/2016 on the creation, organization and operation of the REDD + platform in Madagascar. Since then, the National REDD + Platform has been considered as a Consultative Body for Guidance and Monitoring but also a key partner of the Malagasy State in the preparation and implementation of REDD +. To ensure its mission to support the Forestry Administration in the formulation of the national REDD + strategy and the implementation of the resulting national activities / projects programs, the appointment of its members has been essential. Calls for expressions of interest have been launched to identify stakeholders who are interested and who feel affected by the REDD process. Then several meetings and workshops were organized in order to obtain a final list of the members of the REDD + Platform. An exhaustive list, representing all the entities concerned by the issues of deforestation, forest degradation, reforestation and forest restoration as well as the conservation of natural resources. Ministerial Decree No. 26073/2016 of December 1, 2016 relating to the nomination of the members of the REDD + Platform in Madagascar has come out to formalize this appointment. As a result, the first meeting of the National REDD + Platform took place in Antsirabe on 13 and 14 December 2016. The objectives were to strengthen national capacities and multi-stakeholder dialogue in preparation for the formulation of a transformational vision and strategy for REDD + in Madagascar. At the end of this meeting: The members of the Platform are aware of the importance of their role and responsibilities All the assistance recognized the need to establish at each level of the regions, districts and communes concerned similar structures at the national level but having responsibilities rather operational than strategic by means of technical and financial support for their functioning. A stakeholder responsibilities guide for the Platform has been proposed. The work agenda was developed in plenary HERE pictures galleries .... IN VERSION The international REDD initiative  began in 2008 to combat the impacts of global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions. The initiative is coordinated by the UN, through the UN-REDD program , which supports REDD + processes in the pilot countries. The REDD + is based on policy approaches and a system of positive incentives to reduce emissions. The mechanism contributes to the conservation and enhancement of forest carbon stocks, sustainable management of forest capital in developing countries. At the pilot country level, REDD + launches three important challenges that begin with strengthening national governance structures to build REDD + policy and regulatory frameworks for development. Then comes the establishment of equitable and efficient distribution of benefits. And finally, the last challenge is to ensure effective, sustainable and predictable early-start financing for REDD + without which activities will be carried out. Six interrelated areas of activity are identified to support national processes. These areas of activity correspond to the priorities identified in each country and are consistent with policy approaches and positive incentives on REDD + issues , namely, MRV or Monitoring, Reporting and Verification, National governance of REDD +, Stakeholder engagement, Guarantee the multiple benefits of forests and REDD +, REDD + Payments Management and the Green Economy.
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