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Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre is an independent, international, nonprofit organization working in a collaborative partnership with Amnesty International and leading academic institutions. Its online library documents the activities of more than 4,500 companies around the world, due in large measure to the Centre's network of regional researchers. The purpose of the organization is to promote greater awareness and informed discussion of important issues relating to business and human rights. They work with everyone to advance human rights in business. They track the human rights abuse and advances of companies around the world, and help the vulnerable eradicate abuse. Their mission is to: Build Corporate Transparency – the only free, global knowledge hub revealing the human rights performance and policy of over 5,600 companies in over 180 countries. Our website delivers up-to-date and comprehensive news in seven languages. It is relied on by advocates, activists, businesspeople, governments, investors and the UN. We expose reality in a field too often dominated by rhetoric. Our free Weekly Update e-newsletter has over 14,000 subscribers around the world. Strengthen Corporate Accountability – helping communities and civil society get companies to address concerns; seeking and publicising company responses to allegations; pursuing companies that fail to respond to allegations of egregious abuse. Our response rate is 70% globally. Advocates and communities thank us for bringing global attention to their concerns and for eliciting responses from companies. Companies thank us for providing them the opportunity to present their responses in full. This process often leads to real improvements on the ground. Empower Advocates – stimulating key debates and amplifying the voices of the vulnerable, and human rights advocates in civil society, media, companies and governments; providing briefings and analysis on countries, regions, and sectors; and the global hub for resources and guidance for action on business and human rights. Taking international human rights standards as our starting point, topics covered include labour rights, conflict over natural resources such as land and minerals, internet freedom, privacy and freedom of expression, children, pollution and climate change, discrimination, access to medicines, security, tax avoidance, and trade and investment agreements.  
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