Cadre de Concertation des ONG et Associations actives en Education de Base (CCEB) (CCEB-BF)

The purpose / vision of the CCEB / BF is to optimize the dialogue and coordination between the NGOs / Associations, in order to encourage and strengthen their contribution to the improvement of the situation of formal and non-formal education in Burkina Faso. by advocacy. Their interventions are guided by the following principles: the permanent search for its autonomy; respect for the autonomy of the members; taking into account the national policy on formal and non-formal basic education; establishing partnerships with other networks pursuing the same objectives. The objectives pursued are: create a framework for exchanges and collaboration to coordinate the actions of NGOs / Associations in finding solutions to the problems they encounter on the ground; develop the exchange of expertise, pool resources and technical assistance among its members; collect and disseminate all relevant information among its members and provide support for the training of its members; strengthen collaboration with MEBA and all basic education funders; develop a strategy to influence policy makers and donors to prioritize funding for basic education in the various development programs.
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Company Offices

  • Burkina Faso (headquarters)
  • Ouagadougou
  • 06 BP 9341 06