Caisse de Participation et de Promotion des Entreprises et a leur Developpement (CAPPED)

CAPPED, a fund for participation in the promotion of businesses and their development was created in 1991 within the Forum de Jeunes Entreprises du Congo. It was legally distinguished from the structure from which it came on December 20, 2003, to meet the requirements of the regulations put in place by the Central African Banking Commission (COBAC). This regulation n ° 01/02 / CEMAC / UMAC / COBAC of April 13, 2002, relating to the exercise of the microfinance activity, classifies the EMF (Establishment of Micro Finance) in three categories. CAPPED opted for the first category, that is, EMF of the associative type. To this end, the following bodies have been set up: • A general meeting of all members; • A 15-member Board of Directors; • A supervisory board of 5 members. On April 6, 2005, it obtained its approval from the Ministry of Economy, Finance, and Budget under the number N ° 2785 / MEFB / CAB. The mission of CAPPED is to contribute to the promotion of the economic and social initiatives of its members by offering savings, credit and adapted funds transfer services; mobilizing the external resources necessary to meet funding needs; the creation of savings, investment and solidarity clubs. And its vision is to be a sustainable corporate finance institution with a national scope and managed in a participatory manner.
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Company Offices

  • Congo, The Republic of (headquarters)
  • Brazzaville
  • Makélékélé-Brazzaville Headquarters Agency: Villa 43B Quartier Milice-Bacongo