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CANDID Foundation gGmbH

WHAT IS THE CANDID FOUNDATION? The Candid Foundation is an independent non-profit institution based in Berlin, Germany. They consider themselves both a privately chartered think-tank and a flexible, rapid-response sensitive to developments in the field. WHAT DOES THE CANDID FOUNDATION DO? The foundation’s activities include a range of research and analysis focusing on the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean. They initiate projects that foster intercultural understanding and creative approaches in international development. Their experts also advise a wide range of international institutions and policymakers on social, political and cultural developments pertaining to our regional focuses. WHAT IS THE CANDID FOUNDATION’S PHILOSOPHY? The foundation’s philosophy is epitomised by the word candid. They approach challenges in a straight-forward transparent manner which values truth, honesty and integrity above all else. This distinctly candid mode of communication works as a potent antidote to intolerance, xenophobia, and disinformation. WHO IS THE CANDID FOUNDATION? The strength of the Candid Foundation lies principally in the depth and breadth of the knowledge of our diverse network of regional experts. These comprise political analysts, economists, journalists, legal scholars, media professional and specialists in development from around the world. One of their network’s key components is the spectrum of contributors to zenith magazine, Germany’s leading media brand on the Middle East, North Africa and the Muslim world.
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  • Chausseestraße 11
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