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CARANA Corporation

CARANA Corporation is a consulting firm that designs, directs, and delivers economic growth strategies to government, private business, and international donor agencies, particularly the U.S. Agency for International Development. Through our management of more than 250 projects, we have improved public sector efficiencies, enabled market-led growth, and expanded workforce capacity. Along the way, we've developed specific expertise in transport and logistics, agribusiness, market linkages, anti-corruption, accounting reform, association building, public education campaigns, and investment promotion. Since our start in Costa Rica, we have worked in more than 150 developing countries. We have held several indefinite quantity contracts with USAID and was awarded the most contracts under the SEGIR Global Business Trade and Investment II IQC. Our multi-lingual management team has lived and worked all over the world and continue to work directly with our projects. They have advanced degrees and an average 20 years’ experience in their respective fields.   PRACTICE AREAS CARANA designs and directs results-oriented strategies for competing in the global economy. Our programs cover crosscutting topics—such as gender concerns, information and communication technology, business and government ethics, and anti-corruption. Our wide range of consulting services and innovative approaches to economic development include the following specialties: Enterprise Development To generate large numbers of jobs, growth, and investment, CARANA uses a customized market-led approach to promote a country or region’s leading sectors—or industries with the most potential for sustainable growth—and ensure the ensuing benefits reach even the most basic supplier. We work on both sides of the aisle, connecting viable producers and entrepreneurs with international companies through cost-shared trade shows, buyer visits, business to business linkages, and other tactics. We tailor our assistance to those entrepreneurs to meet buyers’ or investors’ demands and guarantee a market. Throughout the process, we act as an honest broker and a bridge across language, cultural, and other barriers to doing business in emerging economies.  Our approach has helped take dozens of enterprises to a total of 30 international trade shows per year, generating exports and investments in such  sectors as fresh produce, specialty foods, textiles and apparel, wood products, giftware and home accessories, information and communication technologies, tourism, and automotive and machine tools. We have a wide network of buyers and companies looking to invest in new sources of supply. Companies like Costco, Intel, the Body Shop, Whole Foods, Hallmark, World Market, and Tabasco have collaborated with CARANA to fortify SME supply chains in developing countries. Key areas of expertise include:  Market linkages Buyer-seller relationships Export development Investment promotion Association building Public-private partnerships SME strengthening   Agribusiness CARANA has applied its market-driven philosophy to agricultural industries all over the world, improving productivity, processing, and delivery systems—both for local consumption and exports. The majority our current projects are either fully or partly focused on agribusiness development. We believe in treating agriculture as a business and farmers as businesspeople—no matter how poor they are—knowing that better prices for farmers underlies improved incomes, economic growth, and food security. We have experience in multiple value chains, product areas, and markets and have been particularly successful at moving up-market with higher value products. We also collaborate with a wide range of international agribusiness, food, and consumer product companies and retailers.  Key areas of expertise include: Value chains or “farm to fork” services Including fruits and vegetables (greenhouse and open field), cereals, sugar, livestock, coffee, cocoa, nuts, pulses, oils, fish, integrated aquaculture, food additives, and specialty/organic foods Quality improvement at the source Research, extension services, certifications, and sanitary-phytosanitary systems Buyer-seller relationships Including Sysco, Costco, Cargill, Olam, Rock Garden, and Talier Trading Company   Trade Policy and Support Systems  Stimulating domestic and foreign investment in the establishment and expansion of employment creating enterprises requires a sound policy, regulatory and institutional framework that provides clear rules of the game, streamlined and transparent process, and institutions that help resolve problems. CARANA Corporation is a leading practitioner in implementing projects that develop and strengthen the major elements of a business climate conducive that builds confidence while reducing barriers and costs. Key areas of expertise include: Transport and Logistics Regulatory environment Sanintary-phytosanitary systems Port-privatization Energy restructuring Telecommunications and ICT Customs reform   Higher Education, Workforce Development, and Youth CARANA has helped emerging economies bridge the gaps between the supply of skilled labor and the demands of increasingly knowledge‐based economies. CARANA has extensive experience designing and implementing innovative, sustainable higher education and workforce development initiatives. By forging alliances between business and educational institutions, we carve multiple pathways to employment including formal, informal, virtual, experiential and life-long learning, while encouraging public‐private investment in education better suited to emerging economic realities. Our projects ensure marginalized groups—like at-risk youth—have equitable access to education and to structured training programs that lead to employment and integration into the formal economy. We develop curricula and certifications to make our programs replicable and scalable, building the capacity of local partners to continue the work and impact long after a project has ended. Our initiatives transform existing systems to help youth and adults, students and workers acquire skills that bolster their long-term employability. Key areas of expertise include: Higher education reform Workforce development Strengthening educational ecosystems Demand-based skills gaps needs assessments Training and employment for at-risk youth Seeding and managing partnerships Program and curricular design for relevance Local capacity building Increasing access to education Addressing gender barriers to education and training   Financial Sector Development CARANA has supported the development of stable and well functioning national and regional financial sectors to generate capital as well as targeted financial services for business investment and trade. We offer services in emerging economies to enhance transparency and accountability, improve regulatory and supervisory functions, extend innovations in technology, create effective performance measurements, expand the capacity of professional accounting and auditing associations, support ministries of finance in policy reforms, and supply educational opportunities to develop competent and capable financial professionals. Key areas of expertise include: Accounting reform Corporate governance Mobile banking Economic governance Capital markets development Financial products for infrastructure development Access to finance for MSMEs Public financial management   CARANA Agribusiness Initiatives To ultimately succeed in developing economies, companies need mutually beneficial partnerships that give value to local suppliers and communities. CARANA’s Agribusiness Initiatives help firms make the connections and capitalize on exciting market, product differentiation, and sourcing opportunities. Since 1984, we have specialized in economic growth solutions for international donors, governments, and private firms, developing deep industry and country expertise on five continents as well as an extensive network of contacts in agribusiness, IT, food service, apparel, logistics, and other industries. In 2011, we established CARANA Agribusiness Initiatives to tailor our exceptional business service platform for corporate clients and investors. Key areas of expertise include: Supply chain engineering: Improving performance by coordinating change across partners for product differentiation, faster response times, traceability, certification, and increased capacity of local suppliers. Investment facilitation: Structuring and supporting greenfield, joint venture, and expansion projects by securing and integrating local partners, financing, sites, workforce skills, logistics solutions, and reliable suppliers.   Energy Adequate and efficient energy generation and access are fundamental to economic growth, business competitiveness, and livelihoods. CARANA delivers solutions in the energy sector to power the future—leading to investment and operating environments that create jobs and drive economic development. Our approach considers both the regulatory reforms and capacity building needed to create competitive energy sectors conducive to investment and ensure broad access to energy services. CARANA assesses the specific transaction, privatization, and energy enterprise support that is needed to develop or upgrade energy generation and transmission assets in emerging economies. We are a global leader in investment facilitation across industries, with experience diagnosing constraints to energy sector investment and prescribing solutions. Key areas of expertise include: Sector de-monopolization and market competition Regulatory and policy reform training, restructuring, and financial management for generation and distribution companies Enterprise and sector restructuring Investment facilitation and privatization Assessment and evaluation Public-private partnerships    
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Contract Awards

Feed the Future: Financing Agriculture

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

USAID Financing Ghanaian Agriculture Project

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Guyana Agricultural Diversification Programme (Lot 1)

Department for International Development (DFID) - United Kingdom

Promotion Activities of Artisan Sector in Morocco (Lots 1, 2, 3 & 5)

Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) - United States

USAID contract in Ecuador: AID518TO1000001

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

USAID contract in Jamaica: AIDEEMI110700006

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

USAID contract in El Salvador: AIDEEMI100700006

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

USAID contract in Paraguay: AIDEEMI060700006

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

USAID contract in Kenya: AIDEEMI050700006

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

USAID contract in Rwanda: AIDEEMI090700006

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

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