Caribbean Microfinance Limited (Microfin)



The Microfin Group is a regional finance institution providing loans and financial services to owners of micro-enterprises in the Caribbean. Microfin provides a business partnership, not charity, offering loans within the range US$500 to US$50,000. This service is geared towards the man on the street e.g. coconut vendors, shoemakers, doubles vendors and tailors/dressmakers. Detailed research has shown that owners of tiny businesses are very willing to gain access to the formal financial system. Meeting this unsupplied demand for financial services is, in fact, Microfin's major goal. Acknowledging that micro-entrepreneurs are usually without major assets as security for bank loans, Microfin has introduced the concept of using business and personal references as collateral thereby stressing the character of the entrepreneur. Their one-on-one relationships, which include regular visits to clients' places of business, are thus a vital part of their lending operations. Their Mission is to provide loan financing and business services to local communities of micro and small entrepreneurs who pursue profitable business initiatives on a permanent basis and sustain themselves as responsible citizens.

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Company Offices
  • Trinidad and Tobago (headquarters)
  • San Fernando
  • 1st Floor Ramsingh Plaza, Main Road, Chaguanas. #54 Independence Avenue
  • Saint Lucia
  • Castries
  • 107 Chaussee Road,Castries