Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU)

Cognizant at that time of the growing importance of telecommunications for the social and economic development of the Caribbean and the need to foster international cooperation and development by means of efficient telecommunications services, the Governments of the Member States of the Caribbean Community established the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) by treaty on 28th April, 1989. The agreed primary goals of the CTU, inter alia, were: To facilitate the coordination of the planning, programming and development of intra-regional and international communications networks to meet the immediate and future telecommunications needs of the Region; To assist the development of the national components of regional and international telecommunications networks; and To promote the general awareness of the telecommunications needs of the Caribbean Region and its potential for promoting the socio-economic development of the Region. In 2004, the CTU’s 7th General Conference of Ministers expanded the mission of the CTU to incorporate all aspects of information and communication technologies (ICT) and amended the membership structure of the Union to permit non-CARICOM Caribbean States, private sector and civil society participation. The CTU then embarked on a programme of operational activities and projects which served to position the CTU as a credible and relevant institution which was able to effectively address the needs of its members in the rapidly changing technological environment. Its new mission is “To create an environment in partnership with members to optimize returns from ICT resources for the benefit of stakeholders”
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Company Offices

  • Trinidad and Tobago (headquarters)
  • 4 Mary Street St Clair Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago