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  • Founded1823
Catoni is a group of companies performing mainly in trade and transport industries across the world. The Group operates through its own 12 offices in 6 countries; Turkey, Iraq, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria and Romania.  Transport as being the dominant activity since 1846 within the group consist of Shipping Freight Forwarding and Logistics. With a multinational management and staff, strong local knowledge and appreciation and strong IT dependency the Catoni Group Companies offer professional service to a very large and diverse international customer base. The origins of what is now Catoni can be traced back nearly 200 years to France and Corsica. A refugee named Belfante arrived in Iskenderun about 1820 where later his daughter met and married Augustine Joseph Catoni. Belfante was a refugee from Napoleonic France because of his Royalist sympathies who, with an army background, took service with Mohammed Ali, the Governor of Egypt under the Turkish Sultans. Forming Mohammed Ali’s artillery brigade, he led it until retiring in Aleppo and settling in Iskenderun. The Catoni family were also refugees, being on the loosing side of one of the many wars between the Italian states. Seeking refuge in Corsica then Cyprus they settled and prospered as traders. Augustine Catoni was born there in 1823 and in due course arrived in Iskenderun to open an office from where he provided valuable services in the form of trading and supply to the Ottoman Empire. Meeting and marrying Belfante’s daughter he commenced business during 1840 as Belfante and Catoni.  Catoni Group Management and Staff accept these Ethics Policies.  1) Catoni Group Management and Staff will at all times behave in an honest and ethical manner. 2) Group Company Management and Staff will conduct their business in accordance with Group Company rules and Regulations. 3) Group Company Management and Staff witnessing unethical business conduct from internal or external persons shall report without delay to the committee and to management. 4) Group Company Management and Staff shall not be intimidated, influenced or accept facilitation in the course of business. Catoni Core Values are;  Honesty Professionalism Transperancy Culture The culture found within the Catoni Offices maybe recognized as one of maturity and commitment to excellence. A history of business in this region has provided an appreciation of the peoples and their history and manner. This appreciation is reflected in the services provided throughout the companies.  Commitment Their commitment to serve honestly, professionally and with complete transparency is their resolve. With a reputation of serving that maybe traced back as far as 1846 one may assume this test of time has been well earned.  Ambition They are proceeding diligently towards their ambitious targets, which had all been met by the millennium and are referred to in the millennium statement “Image 2000”. In the two SBDP (Strategic Business Development Period) 2000-2005 and 2005-2010; their regional development has progressed allowing us to mature their transport and quality management services and trade throughout the region of the Black Sea.  Creativity & Innovation They take pride in having presented in recent years the ability to improve services from a cost and speed of delivery factors, both of these are obtained by the wealth of experience and understanding of the sectors in which they are active. Management and staff embrace these skills and continue to revise their function. 

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