Center for Applied Research Solutions (CARS)

Center for Applied Research Solutions (CARS) is a collaborative, proactive, flexible, and attuned to the field.  Applying Multidisciplinary Expertise Their team’s diverse professional backgrounds inform our approach. CARS draws on expertise in mental and behavioral health, developmental psychology, sociology, public health, educational leadership, coalition and community development, and racial justice. Laying the Foundation for Sustainable Change CARS builds organizational and leadership capacity to effectively adopt, implement, and sustain changes in policy and practice. They offer hands-on, experiential, and ongoing TTA opportunities across multiple modalities to instill learnings and boost skills. Balancing Guidance and Responsiveness Their team is committed to improving community health and wellness through evidence-based and culturally responsive practice. CARS promotes the use and appropriate adaption of research-based frameworks and programs to address complex social problems. Advancing Health Equity CARS supports authentic community engagement, elevation of cultural expertise, and the use of community-defined effective practices and participatory approaches. They lift up youth, family, and consumer voice and leadership. Fostering Community and Peer Networks CARS creates multiple and ongoing opportunities for peer learning and knowledge transfer. They foster dynamic learning and practice communities among funding recipients, collaborators, and leaders and practitioners in similar roles.
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