Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI)

History The Bank has evolved as a financial institution over the past twenty-five years.  It began as a monetary authority; it was then given more powers and responsibilities when the authority was converted into a Central Bank.  Now the Central Bank is one of the key financial institutions in the Solomon Islands economy. Mission Their mission is defined by Section 8 of the Central Bank Act 2012 in the following priorities: 1. Maintain Price Stability 2. Stable Financial System 3. Support General Economic Policies of the Government Vision Solomon Islands to be amongst the top 4 low inflation and financially stable countries in the South Pacific region. Values They are committed to uphold the following values: To provide quality economic analysis and assessment of the Solomon Islands economy to enable our stakeholders to make informed business judgements and decisions; To discharge our duties with integrity and honesty; To show excellence and professionalism in our work; To act with impartiality in the application of our decisions within the boundaries of the CBSI Act or any other laws we administer; and To exercise frugality in the management of the resources under our stewardship.
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