• Organization TypeInstitute
  • HeadquartersFrance
  • Founded1946

Centre de Formation des Journalistes (CFJ Paris)

Over seventy years ago, Philippe Viannay and Jacques Richet, both journalists with the ‘Défense de la France’ group set up by the French Résistance, founded the CFJ with the aim of training the quality journalists so badly needed by post-liberation press. Today, the media world is changing and needs quality professionals more than ever. The CFJ’s mission thus continues. FOR THE SAKE OF FREEDOM The CFJ’s fundamental philosophy is to resist oppression and fight for both civil freedom and freedom of speech. As well as teaching know-how and expertise, their vocational courses never lose sight of this basic tenet: journalists are free thinkers who act as intermediaries in society, between the facts they report and the citizens who engage with their work. THE IMPORTANCE OF OUR INDEPENDENT STATUS… A private, vocational university, the CFJ is autonomously run. They control their own budget and have independent leadership. The board of directors, all of whom work on a volunteer basis, come from some very different media backgrounds. The CFJ also works closely with the CFPJ, a professional training centre which is now part of the Abilways vocational training group. …AND OF DEFENDING JOURNALISM’S FUNDAMENTAL VALUES For over seven decades, their school has been teaching the fundamental values and ethical tenets behind journalism: objective reporting, fact-checking, free speech, team work, and systematically working with the strictures of doubt. Constant innovation At the CFJ, they have always tried to stay abreast of technological and cultural developments in the media. Examples of this include the video journalism course they opened in 1984, their use of multimedia resources as early as 2000, their international launch in 2006, the creation of apprenticeships for French students in 2007, the newsroom courses they set up in 2013 and 2016 and the creation of a programme focusing on the new, visual communication tools now so common in the media and on social networks. THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE Since 1946, over 2500 journalists have graduated from their school. Most of them now hold important positions at major media channels in Paris, other parts of France or abroad. A REFERENCE FROM THE OUTSET As a professional and vocational university and a member of the Conférence des grandes écoles, the CFJ requires students to take an entrance exam and delivers a Master’s degree which is recognized by the French Ministry of Education as well as the Commission nationale paritaire de l’emploi des journalistes (French journalism commission). The CFJ name has thus always been synonymous with professional quality and responsibility.
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