Centre For Crime And Justice Studies

The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies is an independent educational charity that advances public understanding of crime, criminal justice and social harm. Through partnership and coalition-building, advocacy and research, it works to inspire social justice solutions to the problems society faces, so that many responses that criminalise and punish are no longer required. Work It applies the lessons of research, informed by clear thinking and analysis and underpinned by its values. It is committed to: -Scrutinising the production of social harm and its social regulation through criminal justice. -Developing holistic, sustainable and effective solutions to social harm that minimise the use of criminal justice processes. -Working in partnership and collaboration with like-minded individuals and organisations to lever real and lasting change. In its work it: -Conduct research and analysis on social harm, the process of criminalisation, the criminal justice and social- welfare systems. -Develop holistic, practical and sustainable solutions to the problem of social harm in the UK and beyond. -Work in creative networks and coalitions with like-minded individuals and organisations. -Engage in public affairs and education work in the areas in which it operates. It has an impact by: -Publishing its research and that of its partners and collaborators. -Bringing people together to share ideas and develop solutions. -Providing a platform for people to share experiences and promote ideas. -Working in collaboration with partners to extend its reach and influence. -Using media and communications technology effectively and intelligently.  
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