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  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO, Service Providers
  • HeadquartersUnited Kingdom
  • Founded1979
CSE is an independent national charity that was initiated in 1979. Their vision is a world where sustainability is second nature, carbon emissions have been cut to safe levels and fuel poverty has been replaced by energy justice. Their mission is to share the knowledge and practical experience to empower people to change the way they think and act about energy. CSE does this by giving advice, managing innovative energy projects, training and supporting others to act, and undertaking research and policy analysis. At any one time they have around 60 different and separately-funded projects underway. All of these are helping people and communities to meet real needs for both environmentally sound and affordable energy services. They are based in Bristol although much of the work has relevance and impact across the UK. The clients and funders include national, regional and local government and associated agencies, and companies in the energy sector. 

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  • Household Energy Services Intern
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  • Neighbourhood Planning and Planning Policy Support
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