Centro de Estudios Sociales y Demograficos (CESDEM)

The Center for Social and Demographic Studies (CESDEM) is a private non-profit institution, dedicated to the provision of research, consultancy and evaluation services, as well as to the dissemination of knowledge in the different areas of social and population development. . The CESDEM was created on July 11, 1992. It obtained the incorporation of the Executive Power through Decree 34-93 of January 29, 1993. The staff of the institution is composed of recognized professionals in the social sciences -Sociology, Demography, Economics, Statistics- with extensive experience in the administration and conduct of research programs, design and evaluation of plans, programs and projects, processing, analysis and dissemination of information, teaching and other related activities in the aforementioned areas. In addition to its staff, the center has the services of a valuable group of associated researchers from various scientific disciplines, who are hired according to the requirements of the projects in progress. Regarding the organization, the CESDEM is structured by a Board of Directors that is elected every two years, made up of nine people, who outline the policies of the institution. The Executive Direction is responsible for implementing the policies outlined and ensuring compliance with the objectives and purposes of the institution. Mission The main purpose of CESDEM is to collaborate with public and private institutions and international organizations that work in the development of the country, in the diagnosis of social problems and needs and in the search for adequate solutions to them. Vision With the ultimate goal of advancing Dominican society in general and the field of population and development in particular, the CESDEM advocates on a permanent basis for the formulation and implementation of policies, plans and development programs with an integrated approach to social aspects, demographic, economic and environmental. In this order, the institution also focuses its efforts on overcoming the limitations and deficiencies that affect the production of statistics and research in the indicated areas, and also towards an increasing use of the information available in the processes of planning. Objectives Conduct research that contributes to a better knowledge of the demographic, social and economic situation of the Dominican population, its trends, causes and consequences, being a space for debate and permanent dissemination of them. Produce analysis and useful proposals for the design, implementation and evaluation of policies, programs and projects of population and development. Contribute to the efficiency and social impact of the programs executed by international organizations and national institutions, in the different areas of development. Collaborate with entities and organizations whose activities are aimed at raising the living conditions in our country.
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Company Offices

  • Dominican Republic (headquarters)
  • Santo Domingo
  • Calle El Vergel No. 53, Ensanche El Vergel, Apartado Postal 4279