• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • Staff51-100
  • Founded1988


CESAL is an independent organization of other entities in economic, political or other character. CESAL was born of a Christian experience lived communally and open to the world. For this reason, CESAL moves from the opinions and suggestions of Catholic social teaching and the rich historical experience that feeds it. MISSION For 30 years they began their work as an organization in order to: "Promoting human development of the poorest people in the world, based on the heritage and experience of beneficiaries and involving themselves in their work as true protagonists of their lives" VISION As an organization committed to the human factor in development processes and hence their vision emerges: "Being an NGO dynamic and innovative development, able to respond creatively to social problems vinculdos poverty and exclusion through integrated development models that generate the change of people and the strengthening of social subjects" Development Cooperation CESAL promotes human development of disadvantaged people through projects long-term cooperation in 14 countries around the world, taking part in varied sectors of intervention.  Emergency humanitarian aid In cases of natural disasters, humanitarian aid CESAL done promptly, focusing especially on the rehabilitation work of existing structures and services in post-emergency contexts. Social action The integration of immigrants is promoted in Spain promoting relations and exchange spaces between immigrant and Spanish population. Sensitization Cultural and awareness activities are part of the educational purpose that characterizes all the work of CESAL in Spain and in developing countries. VALUES  In the search for models of cooperation to contribute more effectively to the development of peoples and individuals, CESAL has acquired an identity expressed in its five values ​​/ methodological principles: Person-centredness Carry out development projects with the central point to the person means, above all, share their needs, share the meaning of life and moved by his personal destiny: without this, the answer to your needs is a gesture of rewarding good or strategy politics. From the person would be abstract if the person were not considered in their primary relationships - secondary and - - the family community and local society. FROM THE POSITIVE Every person, every community, no matter how precarious it represents a richness and has its own heritage.  This methodological principle tends to value and reinforce what people have built their history, relationships, ie, the fabric of social relations and the set of experiences that constitute its vital heritage. It is a fundamental operating point that arises from a positive vision of reality and allows the person to recognize their own value and dignity and at the same time, helps you take responsibility. DO WITH... A project "thought from above" is violent because it does not favor participation or is ineffective because it is only care. How CESAL to propose a project and realize it is to work with people to whom the project targets, ie from the relationship with these people and build on the steps that are taking place with them. Subsidiarity A development project means encouraging and developing the possibility of association, ie recognize and value the establishment of intermediate social bodies and a rich social fabric that participates and is co - responsible. The right of everyone to freedom of association and initiative, including economic, is revealed in experience as a powerful force for change. A social project is not because he "works with the poor"; a project is social because it mobilizes a present reality according to all dimensions of development: individual, family and community. This is what they mean by capacity building. PARTNERSHIP The partnership derives from the principle of subsidiarity. It is part of an existing subject, involving local authorities, social forces and international institutions, according to their respective tasks in cooperation to meet the needs that is.  
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  • world bank group
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  • peru


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