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    Higher education and vocational training campus, CESI pursues its societal mission by allowing students, alternates and employees to become actors in the transformations of companies and society, thanks to its engineering schools, its Higher School of the Alternance, its Manager Training School and its Certification activity. In 2017, more than 22,000 learners joined 25 campuses across France. Also operating in Spain, Algeria and Cameroon, CESI is developing major educational projects for international institutions. CESI is the culture of excellence, social advancement and diversity. A pioneer in France in the field of active pedagogy and focused on innovation and technologies , CESI operates in all sectors of activity and trains the trades and skills of tomorrow in industry and services, the building and the city. future. He also conducts research activities in his Digital Innovation Laboratory (LINEACT). Member of HESAM University, co-founder of the Institute of Reindustrialisation and the InnovENT-E Institute , CESI participates in the public debate by publishing each year the Observatoire Social de l'Entreprise . "Being CESI" means becoming a player in your personalized career path, having the confidence to evolve throughout your career, in line with the transformations of companies and society. It is, finally, benefit from a culture of operationality recognized by the companies for a strong and durable employability.  
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