Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan (CCI)

It is great opportunity for them to welcome you on the Web site of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The purposeful policy conducting in the Republic of Uzbekistan basic priority of which is formation of proprietors’ class, creation of as much as possible favorable conditions for effective and dynamical development of the private sector, being by motive power of any market economy now. The important role in decision making of the given tasks is allocated to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In present time the Chamber conducts the active work on support of subjects both small, and large business. They would like to note with pride, that among their members such large organizations and the companies, as National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Joint Stock Commercial Bank "AsakaBank", "UzpromstroyBank", "AgroBank", "KapitalBank", "QishloqqurilishBank", Bank "Ipak Yo’li", Joint-Stock Company "Dori-Darmon" and Joint Venture "Doiche Cable", Joint Ventures "Alutex" and "Nestle", Republican Universal Agro-indusrtial exchange, Joint Ventures "E'tiqod", Stock company "Uzbektelecom", the State Joint Stock Company "Uzprommashimpeks", the State Joint Stock Company "Uzmarkazimpex", the State Joint Stock Insurance Company "UzAgroSug'urta", Joint Venture "Ipak Yo'li Turizm Invest", Engineering Company "Qishloq Qurilish Invest" and many other companies intending for further development and perfection. It is very pleasant to note, that the amount of members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is increasing daily, that imposes more responsibilities on them to their members. Today the Chamber works hard on expansion of  spectrum of offering services and perfection of the quality of them so that representatives of business community and foreign investors could receive at any moment in any point of Uzbekistan the duly, competent assistance from experts of the  Chamber and its divisions. The site of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan is one of the tools of maintenance of continuous communication of the Chamber as with the members – entrepreneurs and partners, as foreign companies and partners. Here you can ask any interesting question concerning to various aspects of entrepreneurship, to gat the information about the last events in business-sphere, carrying out in the Republic and abroad, to receive the important information on legislative-normative documents in the field of business. They hope that you will find more interesting information that will be useful for your further work. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES The goals and objectives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Creation of favorable conditions for the further development of entrepreneurship; Perfection business-environment; Assistance to adjustment of business links of domestic entrepreneurs with foreign partners; Assistance to active promotion of the domestic goods and services on foreign markets; Assistance to wide attraction of foreign investments to the Republic for creation of new, modernize existing companies, manufacturing of finished competitive production; Assistance to development of economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, to its integration into the World economic system, establishment of trade and economic, scientific and technical relations of entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan with entrepreneurs of other countries; Unification and support of members of the Chamber; Representation of interests and protection of the rights of entrepreneurs - members of the Chamber; Formation of complete system of a market infrastructure. The chambers activities in support and achievement of its main objectives: Assistance to the accelerated development of entrepreneurship in the Republic, first of all small and private business, to formation of class of real proprietors, cardinal increase of the role and value of the private sector in the economic life of the country; Assistance to entrepreneurs of the Republic in expansion of business contacts with the foreign partners and investors, in promotion of export production made by domestic entrepreneurs, on foreign markets, and also in attraction of direct foreign investments into the Republic for creation of joint ventures, technical equipment and re-equipment, first of all, small and private enterprises; Adjustment and development of cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and public associations of entrepreneurs of other states, the organization of business visits of delegations of entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan and the invitation into the Republic of foreign entrepreneurs, carrying out international business-forums, commercial and industrial exhibitions and fairs of production of entrepreneurs both in the Republic and abroad; Providing entrepreneurs with wide spectrum of services, including information and consultation support, organization of business-catalogues publications, covering the information on domestic manufacturers, production made by them and investment opportunities, and also data on potential partners and opportunities of modern technologies purchase; Implementation of measures on further formation of the favorable business environment for development of business, inculcation of the international-accepted norms and practice of business activity in the Republic, preparation of offers on perfection of the legislation, on improvement of the legal and economic conditions for carrying out the entrepreneurs activity; Representation and protection of the rights and legitimate interests of entrepreneurs, including in relations with state bodies and an economic board concerning their registration, certification of production, licensing and to other questions, and also at disposal of legal proceeding in courts; Support on development of the education system and professional training for entrepreneurs, the organization of training and improvement of professional skill of entrepreneurs; Participation in development of the concept of entrepreneurship development and in implementation of mechanisms of public control over activity of enterprises; Keeping the database of the entrepreneurs on the basis of the state register of the enterprises and the organizations; Participation in creation of system tripartite (the union of hired workers, the union of employers and the government) cooperation, elaboration and carrying out national economic and social policy; Assistance to settlement of disputes between enterprises; The organization of work on practical implementation of the decisions of Republican coordination council on stimulation of development of small and private entrepreneurship; Coordination of the events on support of entrepreneurship, conducting by the insurance agency "Madad" and Bank "Uztadbirkorbank"; Other tasks in view of World practice of Chambers’ activity and the international contracts of the Republic of Uzbekistan, according to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
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