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Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc.


  • Organization TypeDevelopment Consulting
  • Staff51-100
  • Development Budget5 Million - 25 Million
  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • Founded1973
Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc. was founded by Vincent V. Checchi in 1973.  Since its inception, the company has successfully completed consulting engagements to promote social and economic development in 145 countries. Our clients have included U.S. Government agencies, foreign governments, and international donors such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and African Development Bank. One of our oldest and most important clients is the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). In more than 35 years as a USAID contractor, Checchi has managed over 250 long-term, bilateral project implementation contracts. In addition, we have completed hundreds of short-term assignments, drawing upon our specialized experience in project design, monitoring and evaluation. The company has had a pioneering role in supporting USAID initiatives to strengthen the rule of law and the legal foundations for sustainable economic growth. Checchi has completed assignments related to the modernization of legal frameworks and the reform of judicial systems in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The company is presently implementing major USAID-funded judicial and legal reform programs in Afghanistan, Kosovo and El Salvador. We are also working on important subcontracts in such countries as Mexico and Peru.      AREAS OF EXPERTISE   -Access to Justice -Judicial System Strengthening -Anti-Corruption / Good Governance -Legal Information Systems -Civil Society Strengthening -Legal/Judicial Education and Training -Conflict Management -Legal and Regulatory Reform -Court Administration -Monitoring and Evaluation -Institutional Development -Public Awareness/Education    Access to Justice: To ensure equal access to the justice system, regardless of economic, social or cultural status, Checchi helps to remove substantive, procedural, financial and other barriers to courts, legal proceedings and the free exercise of legal rights.   Anti-Corruption / Good Governance: To reduce corrupt practices, which distort economic decisions and undermine confidence in public institutions, Checchi provides technical assistance on strategies to curb corruption and foster governmental transparency, integrity and accountability.   Civil Society Strengthening: To make public institutions more responsive to the needs and aspirations of civil society, and to involve civil society in the process of reform, Checchi works with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other civil society groups to strengthen their capacity to influence the formulation and implementation of public policies.   Conflict Management: To achieve faster, less expensive and fairer resolutions of commercial and family law issues, Checchi assists in establishing and promoting non-court solutions to legal disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms such as conciliation, mediation and arbitration.   Court Administration: To ensure the fair and expeditious adjudication of cases entering the judicial system, Checchi works to strengthen administrative procedures and policies, reduce case backlogs, streamline case processing, and develop the means to enforce court decisions.   Institutional Development: To build the capacity of governmental and non-governmental bodies, Checchi provides assistance to improve professionalism, strengthen internal management and administrative functions, and develop long-term sustainability.   Judicial System Strengthening: To establish judicial systems that adhere to due process and deserve universal respect for fairness and competence, Checchi undertakes comprehensive programs to strengthen judicial independence and build capacity system-wide, including work with ministries of justice, bar associations, prosecutors’ offices, legal aid providers, and court enforcement officers.   Legal Information Systems: To improve the quality of legal decision-making and legal education, and to increase public access to legal information, Checchi provides technical assistance to create and upgrade legal databases and management information systems.   Legal/Judicial Education and Training: To enhance the quality and effectiveness of all legal professionals, Checchi works to upgrade the faculties and curricula of law schools, improve entry-level and in-service training for judges, prosecutors and legal aid counsel, and ensure continuing legal education for lawyers and legal practitioners.   Legal and Regulatory Reform: To bring countries into conformity with best international practices and remove barriers to competition, economic growth and private investment, Checchi assists in creating coherent and enforceable legal frameworks and regulatory systems that facilitate the functioning of free markets and promote the public interest.   Monitoring and Evaluation: To ensure that program investments effectively serve the strategic objectives and requirements of program funding organizations, Checchi provides expertise in monitoring the performance and evaluating the results and impact of development activities across all sectors.   Public Awareness/Education: To improve public use and understanding of the courts and other judicial institutions, Checchi helps to design and implement programs to inform citizens of their legal rights and obligations and make the judicial system more open and accessible.    

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  • M&E Specialist
    United States
  • Electoral Reform and Civic Advocacy Evaluation Team Lead
  • Remote Nutrition and Public Health Program Evaluation Team Lead
    United States
  • Higher Education Management Specialist

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Contract Awards

Justice Sector Improvement Project (JSIP) - El Salvador27 July 2016

United States Agency for International Development - USAID
27 Jul 2016

Security and Justice Sector Reform Project : Award

United States Agency for International Development - USAID

Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program in Kosovo16 May 2013

United States Agency for International Development - USAID
16 May 2013

Justice Sector Improvement Project (JSIP) - El Salvador8 March 2013

United States Agency for International Development - USAID
8 Mar 2013

Access to Justice Activity1 March 2013

United States Agency for International Development - USAID
1 Mar 2013

Rule of Law Institutional Strengthening Program (ROLISP)23 July 2012

United States Agency for International Development - USAID
23 Jul 2012
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